Project Sumissions

Project Submissions

Creating and Managing Projects


The Projects page, will allow us to streamline the management of outbound material submissions to other companies and artists meaning you can get materials from some other companies and then you can submit it to some other out bound company and you can track it under the projects for example your client submitted a web series as Material submission and you need to submit that to Netflix for listing on their site in this case you can create a project submission and track the related information in here. This form facilitates the submission of new projects, capturing essential details for efficient organization.

1. Add Project Details

  1. Fill in the required information in the Projects form by clicking the Add (+) icon, including:
    • Material Name: Enter the material's name (e.g: Harry Potter).
    • Inbound / Outbound Company: Include the Company who's submitting the material and who you are submitting to.
    • Status: Status of the Project submission.
    • Add any additional relevant information.

2. View Project Submissions Reports

  1. Access the Projects report to view a list of all project submissions on the same page under the Projects menu.
  2. Update Project submission information as needed by editing the existing entry.
  3. Customize the view by filtering the report based on specific criteria such as project name, outbound company, contact etc

Additional Tips

  • Ensure accurate details to maintain effective communication.
  • Leverage Search and Filtering Features
  • Utilize the Project Submission Report to have an overview of all submissions.

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